Skyfii LImited (ASX:SKF)

Skyfii is an Australian software technology company providing data analytics and data driven marketing products. Skyfii helps marketing and operations teams at shopping centers, retailers, airports, universities, smart cities, and hospitality businesses understand and improve their customer experience.

Revenue $4.7m 1H19

EBITDA $0.3m 1H19

Market Cap $48.0m

Blackwall Limited (ASX:BWF)

Blackwall is a real estate company operating two separate but complementary subsidiaries WOTSO WorkSpace and BlackWall Property Fund Management. Blackwall’s balance sheet is used to secure opportunities for the WOTSO WorkSpace operating businesses and they also hold a 16% strategic position in the listed, total return A-REIT BlackWall Property Trust (ASX Code: BWR).

Revenue $10.8m 1H FY19

NPAT $1.7m 1H FY19

Dividend 2.0c FF

Market Cap $51.0m

Kelly Partners Group Holdings (ASX:KPG)

Kelly Partners is an integrated financial services group corner stoned around offering accounting, audit and tax advice to their clients. The company has expanded its offering over recent years and offers strategic consulting services, wealth management, corporate advisory and other services.

The company is currently heavily focuses in Sydney and NSW but is looking at a national operation over time.

Revenue $19.7m 1H FY19

NPAT $3.3m 1H FY19

Dividend 4.4c FF

Market Cap $37.3m


AuMake is a retailer connecting Australian suppliers directly with Chinese consumers via its AuMake and Kiwi Buy retail stores located in Sydney. AuMake engages with the growing and influential daigou and Chinese tourist markets by offering a full service retail experience with a range of Australian products across four main categories including healthcare (supplements and food); skin, body care and cosmetics; dairy products and baby food (including infant formula); and wool and leather products.

AuMake retail stores provide a one-stop shop, with knowledgeable bilingual staff, multiple payment options (including WeChat, Alipay and Unionpay) and an in-store logistics service for the delivery of products to anywhere in the world including China.

In addition to its Australian retail stores, AuMake operates two e-commerce stores under its AuMake and Kiwi Buy brands, as well as a sales hub in Xiamen (China).

Revenue $21.8m


Market Cap $38.2m

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers is Australia’s only listed timberland company. It manages a wholly-owned portfolio of hardwood and softwood forestry plantations, growing on former agricultural land on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

Unlike many businesses in the timber sector, Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers has no involvement in managed investment schemes or in logging native forests. The Company owns about 25,000 hectares of productive Kangaroo Island land, with 14,200 planted to either softwood (radiata pine) or hardwood (eucalyptus globulus and eucalyptus nitens)

Revenue Not currently in Revenue

Net Comprehensive Loss $3.6m 1H FY19

NTA $2.75 as at 1HFY19

Market Cap $112.1

Kangaroo isLAnd plantation timbers (ASX:KPT)

Envirosuite provides a cloud based SaaS software for companies who need to manage environmental impacts of their business operations. This can be mines, waste water treatment plants or heavy industries. The company offers, reporting, monitoring, compliance, risk and incident modules to its customers in order to achieve its operational and regulatory needs.

The company is also seeking to expand in Smart City programs with governments.

Revenue $4.8m 1H FY19

EBITDA Loss $1.5m 1H FY19

Market Cap $62.9m

Envirosuite limited (ASX:EVS)

Ocean Grown Abalone owns and operates a greenlip abalone sea ranching business in Flinders Bay off the coast of Western Australia. The company is ramping up to a total production level of 200T per annum from its current level of 38.1T in FY18. The company is also looking at expanding its sea ranching methods to other areas around the coast of Australia in order to grow future production capacity.

Revenue $1.7m 1H FY19

NPAT $0.3m 1H FY19

Market Cap $26.2m


Volpara is an ISO and FDA GMP compliant research, development and manufacturing company that develops digital health solutions to enable personalized, high-quality breast cancer screening based on objective measurements of breast density, compression and radiation dose. The company is one of the leading providers of breast screening technology globally and is currently in a commerical rollout phase of its technology.

Revenue $2.3m

NPAT Loss $5.1m

Market Cap $209.8m


TruScreen Limited is a New Zealand listed company develops and sales cervical cancer screening device. The company’s device is currently the only device with a CE Mark. The company’s target markets are developing markets where its offering is more cost effecitve and practical for medical professionals given the operating enviroments are not what is in place in developed world markets.

Revenue $2.2m FY18

EBITDA Loss $3.0m

Market Cap $28.2m


Xref provides the first automated solution for the candidate referencing process and alllows HR managers to seamlessly conduct pre-employment refernce checks online. Xref is capitalising on its first-mover advantage by focusing on and investing for international growth across mutiple amrkets and curretly has in excess of 700 companies using its software including many ASX Top 50 companies.

Revenue $2.8m 1H FY19

NPAT Loss $4.5m 1H FY19

Market Cap $96.0m


Locality Planning Energy is an alternative, all-Australian energy retailer. Which seeks to create fairer energy prices for people that live in strata communities across Australia. LPE’s head office is based in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, with a satellite office on the Gold Coast. LPE employ 30 staff including an insourced local call centre. LPE provides electricity retail services to over 700 strata communities and their embedded networks, representing over 17,000 small customers receiving traditional electricity services.

Revenue $12.6m 1H FY19

NPAT Loss $0.7m 1H FY19

Market Cap $24.3m


AdAlta is an innovative drug discovery and development company using its powerful technology platform to generate a promising new class of protein therapeutics, known as i-bodies, that have the potential to treat some of today’s most challenging medical conditions with an initial focus on treating fibrotic diseases and specifically idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

The company will be releaseing a range clinical trail data throughout the course of 2019.

Cash Burn $1.4m 1H FY19

Cash on hand $5.4m 1H FY19

Market Cap $28.2m

AdAlta (ASX:1AD)