Founder - Coffee microcaps

Mark Tobin has been passionate about finding "undiscovered" microcap stocks ever since he began his career as an equity analyst in Sydney.

Working at Sydney based fund manager Wilson Asset Management, a small and microcap specialist manager, he was part of an investment team that was dedicated to finding undervalued small and microcap growth companies.

Ever since that first exposure to microcap stocks, Mark has been hooked on uncovering these hidden gems and following their story and evolution.

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In 2019, Mark is launching Coffee Microcaps, a weekly subscription newsletter sharing his best microcap discoveries with his audience. For the same price as your daily coffee, receive all his latest microcap insights straight to your inbox every Friday morning.

This launch of the newsletter will coincide with the second Coffee Microcap conference in Sydney on the 15th October 2019 at the State Library of NSW.