The second Coffee Microcaps Conference takes place at the Metcalfe Auditorium at the State Library of NSW on Tuesday 15th October 2019. 

At the conference, selected microcap companies will be invited to present to the Coffee Microcaps subscriber network and the wider microcap investment community. The bi-annual conference takes place in Australia in April and October each year.

The conference will provide a networking platform where subscribers and fellow microcap investors, either retail or institutional, can come together and exchange valuable insights and learn from one another.

The underlying purpose of Coffee Microcaps, the newsletter subscription service and the conferences is to raise the profile of ASX-listed microcap companies and microcap equities as an asset class as a whole in Australia.

I believe that both ASX microcap companies and microcap investors are currently underserved by actors in the current market structure. With Coffee Microcaps, my goal is to create a quality, tangible microcap investing community which solves this problem and creates value for all parties.